Speed Training 

Individual or Small Group Performance

Individual training begins with an initial evaluation. This evaluation will assist in developing a customized speed program for each individual athlete. All individual programs are designed to enhance performance for all athletes without concern for age or level of skill. The goal is for every athlete to perform at his/her highest potential at all times. The following are what the individual speed training program covers:
- 40 yard speed
-Athletic weight loss
-Acceleration (sprinting)
- Change of direction
- Start and 1st step quickness
- Linear and Lateral speed
- Core Development
- Explosive Power
- Flexibility
- Reaction Time​​

Team Speed Camps

Team Speed and Conditioning 

Fast Lane Speed Training will structure team speed training based on the needs of the team as a whole; the program will mainly be focused on specific requirements/movements needed for the sport. This can include (but not limited to) linear speed development, change of direction, conditioning etc. Fast Lane Speed Training will tailor the training to prepare the team to perform at its optimal level throughout their season. This includes dedicating time for core development and flexibility to allow the athletes to have a successful injury-free season. The Fast Lane Speed Training Camps are carefully prepared and structured in conjunction with team goals leading into their season. 

Sports Leadership Workshop

Team Building/Team Dynamic

Fast Lane's Sports Leadership Workshops are designed to work with teams, captains, and coaches in teaching and discussing different concepts of leadership styles for a team or group. The purpose of the leadership workshop is to inspire and inform athletes/coaches about the significance of effective leadership and how to apply leadership skill sets towards a team environment. In the workshops, team strengths and areas to improve are identified; followed by looking to develop strategies that utilize the strengths each individual can bring to the team. All workshops are 90 minutes. "The leadership workshop motivated me to become a stronger leader on and off the field. Learning how to work well with others is the key to a successful team"
-Marlee Coleman, College of Charleston Soccer